Sunday, March 28, 2010

Candle Myth: Color and Scent

Does the color of a candle tell you how strong the scent will be? Do darker colors smell stronger? Do lighter colors have less scent?

NO, NO, NO! Color has nothing to do with the scent. When I make candles, I melt the wax. Then once it reaches the right temperature, I add the color, and then the scent. Each item has nothing to do with the other. They are completely separate decisions.

In fact, the wax can only hold a certain amount of additives. Therefore adding more color could make it possible that the wax won't hold as much scent. But even this isn't a good sign of scent because different colorants have different intensities. Light My Fire Candles are always scented very strongly. They are designed to be burned and fill your home with wonderful fragrance. I think the tendency for lightly colored candles to have light scent has more to do with the particular fragrance. For example, Egyptian Musk by it's nature is a very light scent. So I also color it lightly. It just seems appropriate.

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