Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creating Mood

As I get ready to inundate this page with scent descriptions, I want to get you ready for my artistic written interpretation of the scents I carry.

Lighting a candle, or an incense stick, or an oil warmer is not just about smell. It's about creating mood. Not only by the fragrance you choose to release into your home, but also by the medium you choose. Candle light can be very calming, relaxing, sensual, just about anything. I find incense smoke to be great for meditation because not only do I get the fragrance to relax me, but watching the smoke rise and curl fascinates me to the point of forgetting the daily grind.

The fragrances themselves often evoke a mood rather than just being something that smells nice. Orange creamsicle may bring to mind a hot summer day from when you were a kid. Margarita may remind you of a fun night out with friends. Any number of scents may trigger memories or experiences that you can't even place. All you know is that smelling it takes you to your own personal happy place.

Moods and memories are different for everyone. That is the reason why Light My Fire Candles gives you such a vast selection of fragrances to choose from. I love every one of them. Each for it's own reason. Many people ask me what MY favorite is. And everyone who asks probably gets a different answer. So many are favorites. It depends on my mood is at the time as to what my answer will be. It depends on what I've been doing, or where I've recently been. All of these factors go into what is contained within a single magical scent.

As I create my scent descriptions, I'm relying on my own moods when I experience the particular fragrance. I can only do a couple a day at the absolute most because I inundate my senses with the scent. It results in a highly personal description of my interpretation of the mood. It can be very hard to put a scent into words. I try to create a larger picture than just describing the smell. I hope my vision can help you choose a scent you love and create your own bliss.

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